Butter Butler "Butter Orange Financier"

From Butter Butler, the long-awaited re-appearance of the popular "Butter Orange Financier" last year. It will be on sale for a limited time from February 8th (finished as soon as there are no more products).

"Butter Orange Financier" is a financier that uses fermented butter from Europe, orange puree, and blood orange peel from Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture. Passion fruit puree further enhances the taste and aroma of orange. Luxurious sweets with a refreshing scent of butter and orange that fills your mouth.

Butter Butler "Butter Orange Financier"

The price is 972 yen (tax included, same below) for 4 pieces. Available at NEWoMan Shinjuku store and Ecute Edition Shibuya store.

Butter Butler representative product

・ Butter Financier
A financier made from fermented butter from Europe and salt from Geraint from France. The surface is crispy and the inside is soaked with maple syrup for a moist finish. Prices start at 864 yen for 4 pieces.

Butter Butler "Butter Financier"

・ Butter galette
A galette made from fermented butter from France and salt from Guerande from France. When you open the seal, the scent of butter spreads, and it is a traditional French confectionery that melts in your mouth. Prices start at 972 yen for 9 pieces.

Butter Butler "Butter Galette"

・ Butter caramel pot
A luxurious three-layered dessert with custard cream, bitter caramel sauce, and mascarpone cream poured on a tart dough with butter. 12 cm in diameter. The price is 2,592 yen.

Butter Butler "Butter Caramel Pot"