It's like an apple pie liqueur "APPO PIE"

The sweets liqueur "APPO PIE" will be on sale at the liquor online store "KURAND".


"APPO PIE" is a new sensation sweets liqueur like an apple pie that you can drink like sweets. The key to bringing out the taste like apple pie is the scent of cinnamon and the faint vanilla essence. Since cinnamon is soaked in shochu, you can feel the spice directly. By adding sweet vanilla flavor and juicy apple juice, you can feel as if you are eating a real apple pie. It is also recommended to warm it up and drink it hot, or sprinkle it on vanilla ice cream.

It's like an apple pie liqueur "APPO PIE"

100% apples from Minami Shinshu are used. Delicious apples filled with juicy and tender flesh and plenty of honey create a rich taste.

Available from November 12th at "KURAND". It contains 720 ml and the price is 2,190 yen (tax included). Alcohol content is 7 degrees. The manufacturer is Kikusui Sake Brewery (Nagano Prefecture).