Kura Sushi "Custard Apple Pie



Custard Apple


Kura Sushi will sell "Custard Apple Pie" as a "KURA ROYAL" product from November 2 to December 5. Limited to 10 servings per day at each store. The price is 530 yen.

Custard Apple


The classic autumn sweet "Apple Pie" has been renewed and is now available at KURA ROYAL. The custard apple pie is made with a generous amount of Japanese Fuji apples. The pie has been carefully temperature-controlled to prevent uneven baking, resulting in an even better taste.

The pie crust is filled with apple pulp and custard cream, matching the sweet and sour taste of apples with the sweetness of rich custard. 162 layers of pie crust are baked, giving it a crispy texture and a fluffy, buttery aroma.

The pie is topped with brightly colored strawberries and vanilla ice cream. A generous amount of caramel sauce, which has been increased since the last time the pie was sold, is drizzled over the top. The combination of warm apple pie and cool vanilla ice cream is a dessert you will want to try only when the weather starts to get colder.



"Royale" of KURA ROYAL means "King's" or "Royal" in French. Like French pastries that continue to fascinate people, this is an original sweets brand that uses carefully selected ingredients in a luxurious way. We offer "sweets that are more than just specialty stores" that are particular about ingredients, manufacturing methods, and visuals. We will continue to offer seasonal sweets from time to time.