Ministop "ekiben-style miso fillet and bento" and "ekiben-style anagomeshi"

At Ministop, "Ekiben-style Miso Fillet and Bento" and "Ekiben-style Anagomeshi" are on sale from August 24th as the 9th installment of the popular series "Ekiben-fu Bento". The price is 599 yen each (tax included).

Ekiben-style miso fillet and bento

A bento that combines sweet and spicy miso sauce made with "Hatcho Miso", which is unique to the Tokai region, with a well-balanced combination of boiled eggs and simmered dishes in a self-confident miso katsu with a soft fillet and plenty of entwined. Miso-katsu with a non-persistent sweetness goes well with rice.

Ministop "Ekiben-style miso fillet and bento"

Ekiben style anagomeshi

A bento box inspired by the popular conger eel ekiben in Hiroshima prefecture. You can enjoy two types of conger eels, the "broiled conger eel", which is moist and tender, and the sweetly seasoned "boiled conger eel". Japanese-flavored rice topped with chopped seaweed and broth egg. You can enjoy it without warming it. * Specifications vary depending on the area.

Ministop "Ekiben-style Anagomeshi"

Ekiben-style lunch

Due to the influence of Corona, we refrained from going out and traveling, and while the desire for extraordinary life increased, we launched the "ekiben-style bento" with the concept of a bento that makes you feel like traveling in one go. Released every month from this year, it has become a popular series with cumulative sales of over 600,000 meals. We offer "delicious bento boxes without warming" and "bento boxes that are particular about ingredients" at affordable prices unique to convenience stores.