Ministop "Ekiben-style bento beef rice"

From Ministop, the new "Ekiben-fu Bento" series "Ekiben-fu Bento Ushimeshiju" will be released on February 23rd. The price is 555 yen (excluding tax, the same applies below).

The "ekiben-style bento" series has been newly developed so that you can enjoy the feeling of traveling in one go while the desire for extraordinary life is increasing due to self-restraint such as going out and traveling due to the corona.

The second "Ekiben-style Bento Beef Meshiju" is a menu of beef simmered with fat-laden beef roses, beef soboro finished to be fluffy, and beef. It is also ideal as a "delicious without warming" product, which is also a good thing about normal temperature lunch boxes.

In addition, the first ekiben-style lunch box "Ekiben-style lunch box Iberico Pork Heavy" is also on sale. "Iberian pig" grown by eating acorns is cut to a thickness of about 5 mm, baked, and spread on rice. This time, I used the best breed of Iberian pork, "Bejota", which is characterized by the sweetness of lean and fat. The price is 555 yen.

Similarly, the "Salmon Harako Rice" from the "Ekiben Bento" series was well received and sold out in 12 days. If you are interested in this new work, check it out as soon as possible!