Ministop "Ekibenfu Lemon Steak Bento" "Ekibenfu Kanameshi"

At each Ministop store, the 13th "Ekiben-fu Lemon Steak Bento" and "Ekiben-fu Kanameshi" from the "Ekiben-fu Bento Series" will be released on December 14th.

Ekiben style lemon steak lunch

Ministop "Ekiben-style lemon steak lunch"

Regionally developed products developed mainly by product managers in the Kyushu area. The local menu "Lemon steak" in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture has been made into a menu.

It features a thinly sliced beef and a lemony sauce. It is topped with a generous amount of softly baked beef and is entwined with a sauce containing lemon peel. In addition, the local "stir-fried mustard" is also added to the accent, making it a bento that makes you feel Kyushu. The price is 599 yen (tax included).

Ekiben style crab

Ministop "Ekiben-style crab"

The gorgeous "Kanameshi", which is also a staple of ekiben using "crab", is a ekiben-style bento that will be released toward the end of the year when demand for bento is increasing. The rice is topped with flakes of red snow crab from Sakaiminato, Tottori prefecture (with loose meat), brocaded egg and fluffy "crab toro".

Hanasaki crab soup stock is sprinkled on the rice, making it possible to fully enjoy the taste of crab. It is a gorgeous bento that looks gorgeous. The price is 599 yen (tax included).

Ekiben bento series

A popular series that started in January 2021 with the concept of being able to experience extraordinary life as travel opportunities such as travel and business trips in Corona are decreasing. "Ekiben" is also good, "Bento that is delicious without warming" and "Bento that is particular about the ingredients" are offered at a price that is unique to convenience stores.