Grilled meat-like "Kim Mayo" "Negisio"

From grilled meat-like products, "Kim Mayo" and "Negisio", which you can easily enjoy changing the taste, will be released on August 17th. It is a menu that you can enjoy as "chasing meat" when you want to enjoy meat a little more.

Kim Mayo

Kim Mayo is a delicious pork shoulder loin entwined with mayonnaise accented with Sicilian lemon. Kimchi is also roasted and eaten together. The price is 290 yen for 50g and 580 yen for 100g (tax included).


Negisio is a menu in which specially seasoned green onions (green onion sauce) are wrapped in pork shoulder loin and sprinkled with "green onion salt sauce" if you like. The price is 290 yen for 50g and 580 yen for 100g (tax included).

Grilled meat-like "Kim Mayo" "Negisio"

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