Yoshinoya "Pokemon GO Special Weekend" participation ticket distribution

When you shop at the Yoshinoya, a campaign will start in which you can receive a ticket for the event "Pokemon GO Special Weekend" held in the smartphone game "Pokemon GO". Limited time offer from 11:00 on April 28th to 20:00 on May 18th.

At Pokemon GO Special Weekend, you'll have more chances to meet special Pokemon at Pokemon GO. You can get the participation ticket on May 29 by shopping at the Yoshinoya store for 550 yen (tax included) or more during the campaign period, opening the barcode for the participation ticket from the "Yoshinoya official app" at the cash register, and presenting it to the store employees. ..

A promotion code is attached to the participation ticket, and you can get it within 48 hours after issuing the ticket, register the code from the promotion code input page, and participate in the event. Participation tickets can be obtained up to once a day and up to twice during the campaign period.

Since 2020, Yoshinoya nationwide have already appeared in the game as "Pokestop" and "Jim" of Pokemon GO. It is a device so that you can enjoy Pokemon GO at each store. This campaign follows this.

As a general rule, you can get a participation ticket at Yoshinoya stores nationwide, but you cannot use it at some stores such as the stores in the racecourse and the stores attached to Hanamaru and Yoshinoya. Details can be confirmed from the Yoshinoya official website.