(Image source is Kameya Mannendo official website)

It was announced on the official website that popular sweets from Chateraise will appear at Kameya Mannendo. It is announced that a rich lineup will be prepared so that you can choose according to your taste. It will be handled sequentially from July 9th.

It was announced in January that Kameya Mannendo became a subsidiary of Chateraise Holdings. This time, Kameya Mannendo will handle two types of raisin texture, flavor and cream, including "Chocolate Bakki-Vanilla", which is made by folding sweet chocolate with a crispy texture in vanilla ice cream. Items such as the raisin sand "Chateau Leysin", which is characterized by its richness, and the "Motorakoshian", which is made with home-cooked bean paste and fertilizer while being savory with dorayaki skin with plenty of egg yolk.

In addition to this, popular sweets will be added and can be purchased together with the sweets of Kameya Mannendo. There are 29 stores directly managed by Kameya Mannendo that handle Chateraise sweets. In addition, pre-sale has begun at "Kameya Mannendo Hatanodai Store". You can check whether the nearest store is directly managed or mass-marketed from the official website.