Kameya Mannendo "Nama Navona Paris Chocolate
Fresh Nabona Paris Chocolate


ama Navona Paris


A new flavor in Kameya Mannendo's "Nama Navona" series of sweets, "Nama Navona Paris Chocolate" made with chocolate, is now available. It will be available at four stores in Tokyo that have their own kitchens. The price is 162 yen per piece (tax included).


longtime seller "Navona" from KAMEYA MANNENDO has been made into a fresh, raw type that can only be made in the store. It is made with Belgian chocolate custard cream and a crispy chocolate board, sandwiched between fluffy chocolate dough. The calorie count is 191 kcal per piece.

Kameya Mannendo has a kitchen attached to its stores in Asagaya, Togoshiginza, Yoga, and Sakurashinmachi. The menu is available only at these locations. More items that can only be made in the in-store kitchen are scheduled to go on sale in the future. The latest information will be posted on the official KAMEYA MANNENDAI website.