Five kinds of momiji buns "Atarashi Momiji Original Assortment
(All images are courtesy of Hiroshima Confectionery Nishikido)

Hiroshima Confectionery Nishikido "Atarashi Momiji Original Assortment

It was announced on the official website that "Atarashi Momiji Original Assortment," an assortment of five types of momiji buns, is now available at directly managed stores and the official online store of Hiroshima Kashidokoro Nishikido.

Sales of the set, which was previously available at service areas and some stores, have been expanded. The set includes "Seto no Citrus Fromage," based on Danish cream cheese with the sweet and sour tastes of Setouchi's Iyokan, Naruto mandarin oranges and yuzu citrus, "Seto no Sea Salt Chocolat," accented with seaweed salt made by an ancient process from sea water and seaweed in Setouchi, and "Osaki Kamishima Lemon Chocolat," based on a smooth custard cream. Three types of "Atarashi Momiji" series in collaboration with Andersen, a bakery, "Osakikamishima no lemon" to which a lemon from Osakikamishima is added, and one each of "Momiji Manju Koshian" and "Grain An Momiji". Also, when you open the box, you can enjoy a crossword related to Hiroshima.

Momiji Dayori

Five kinds of maple leaf buns "Momiji Dayori

In addition to this, "Momiji Dayori", a summer-only product, is now back on sale. It is an assortment of cool and smooth mizu-yokan and Japanese-style jelly. The assortment includes "mizuyokan with chestnuts," "green tea mizuyokan," "ume jelly," "yasaku jelly," and "kumquat jelly.

It is announced that the packaging and individual wrappings have been renewed with a cool and elegant design in conjunction with the resumption of sales. It can be ordered at Nishikido's directly-managed stores and the official online store.

The respective selling prices are as follows. Prices include tax. The official online store charges a separate delivery fee.

Atarashi Momiji Original Assortment: 5 pieces, 800 yen
Autumn Leaves Dayori 3 pieces 700 yen
5 pieces, 1,100 yen
10 pieces, 2,150 yen
15 pieces, 3,150 yen