"Banana donut" recipe

The new taste of bananas! Here are three "banana recipes" that the En-eating editorial department actually tried and found to be delicious. Sweet and sour "banana wrapped in bacon" and "dried banana". * Click each recipe name link to jump to the detailed recipe page.

Dried banana

Introducing the recipe of " Easy Dry Banana " that can be made quickly in the microwave. Just cut the banana and chin. The crisp, sweet and fragrant dried banana is recommended for snacks and snacks.

"Easy dry banana" recipe

When you throw it in your mouth, you will see the aroma of browning and the moist and moist texture in order. The more you chew, the more the rich sweetness of the banana exudes, and it's delicious! It makes me happy that it has a crispy texture here and there.

Banana wrapped in bacon

Introducing the " banana bacon roll " recipe. The sweetness of the melting banana and the saltiness of the crispy and juicy bacon are exquisite and delicious!

"Banana wrapped in bacon" recipe

The banana, wrapped in crispy, juicy and fragrant bacon, melts in your mouth. The umami of bacon and the sweet and sour taste of bananas are exquisite and addictive! It tastes like a Western breakfast.

Banana donuts

A simple "banana donut " recipe in a frying pan that can be made with three ingredients. Since it is made in a frying pan, you can reduce the time and effort of cleaning up without using a large amount of oil!

"Banana donut" recipe

When you grab it, the outside is crispy and the inside is soft and chewy! The aroma unique to fried sweets and the gentle sweetness of bananas spread throughout your mouth. It ’s delicious! It's bite-sized, so I just eat it. I have to be careful because it won't stop ...