Maison cacao "lemon cake"

From the aroma pavé chocolate specialty store "MAISON CACAO", "Lemon cake", "Maritozzo", "Lemonade", etc., which use all domestic lemons as refreshing sweets in early summer, will be on sale for a limited time. The lineup is as follows.

Lemon Cake

A moist and smooth lemon cake featuring a rare domestic lemon from Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. In order to use all the lemon, we use fragrant lemon zest and plenty of juice. Furthermore, as a device unique to the chocolate brand, cacao fruit vinegar is added to create a finish with a more mellow acidity and fruitiness. Bake slowly at low temperature and apply homemade jam of lemon and cacao vinegar to make it even more moist. An original lemon cake that melts in your mouth. The price is 3,240 yen (tax included, same below). * Sold at Kamakura Komachi Main Store, Ofuna Lumine Wing Store, NEWoMan Yokohama Store, Gransta Tokyo Store, Nagoya Takashimaya Store, and Online Shop

Maison cacao "lemon cake"

Maritozzo lemon

"Maritozzo Lemon of Cacao Butter" is made by squeezing fresh cream with plenty of domestic lemon juice and skin added to brioche featuring fragrant fermented cacao butter from Colombia. Maritozzo is a popular BANK product that sells out more than 100 pieces every day. The price is 648 yen for To go and 660 yen for eat-in. * Limited to CHOCOLATE BANK

Maison Cacao "Maritozzo Lemon"


"Cacao Vinegar Soda Lemonade" is a lemon flavor of the popular cacao vinegar soda that has been reborn as a more delicious and juicy product using rare domestic lemons from Nichinan City, Miyazaki Prefecture. The price is 594 yen for To go and 605 yen for To go. * Limited to Komachi Main Store, NEWoMan Yokohama Store, Cacao Hanare Hase Store, and CHOCOLATE BANK

Maison Cacao "Cacao Vinegar Soda Lemonade"