Ministop "Strawberry Sandwich"

At each Ministop store, the sandwich "Strawberry Sandwich" supervised by "Hatendo" will be on sale from February 23rd. The price is 350 yen (excluding tax).

At MINISTOP, "Fruit Sandwich" was released in January this year as the first product supervised by Hattendo, which is famous for "Cream Bread". Furthermore, in early February, two sweets using "Custard Cream" from Hattendo appeared and have been well received.

This time, the third release under the supervision of Hattendo is "Strawberry Sandwich," which uses seasonal strawberries. Using Hattendo's "Custard Cream", it is combined with homemade whipped cream. Limited sale for 2 weeks.

In addition, 8% consumption tax will be added to the product price if you take it home, and 10% if you eat and drink in the eat-in space.