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FRANCAIS Limited Time Offer BOX

The strawberry sweets specialty store "Strawberry Shop by FRANCAIS" will sell the "Strawberry Sweets BOX" which was very popular last year for a limited time this year. It contains 4 strawberry milk sandwiches and 2 strawberry milk baked chocolates. The price is 1,296 yen (tax included).


Sweets BOX

: A combination of two types of baked sweets: "Strawberry Milk Sandwich" that fills the mouth with the sweet aroma and flavor of strawberries, and "Strawberry Milk Baked Chocolat" that has a very cute heart shape. You can enjoy the gentle harmony of rich, sweet and sour "strawberries" and milk.

The box has a cute design with a ribbon. It is recommended as a gift for Valentine's Day and White Day. Since this is a limited edition product, it will be discontinued as soon as it is gone, so those who are interested are advised to check it out as soon as possible.

Other items available at the store include "Fresh Strawberry Milk Cake" and "Strawberry Milk Sandwich.

Sold at the Tokyo Gift Palette store and Lumine Shinjuku store.