Coffee House "Spring Strawberry Fair"

The "Spring Strawberry Fair" will be held from February 24th at each of the "Kohikan" and "Kohikan Kura" stores (excluding some stores). Introducing seasonal desserts and drinks that use sweet and sour seasonal strawberries in a luxurious way.

The fair target products that will appear this time are developed by arranging the representative products of the coffee house "Traditional hot cake", "Charcoal fire coffee jelly", and "Frosty (frozen drink)" under the theme of "strawberry x Japanese". I did.

"Strawberry and red bean pancake" is a pancake finished with the image of strawberry daifuku. You can enjoy the refreshing harmony of strawberries with Japanese ingredients such as red beans, shiratama, and green tea ice cream. Accented with black honey. The price is 680 yen for one sheet and 890 yen for two sheets (excluding tax, the same applies below).

Coffee House "Spring Strawberry Fair" Strawberry and red bean pancakes

"Charcoal fire coffee jelly strawberry anmitsu" is an original dessert where you can enjoy the contrast between the bittersweetness of coffee jelly, the sweetness of strawberries, and the sweetness of Japanese ingredients. The price is 680 yen.

Coffee House "Spring Strawberry Fair" Charcoal Fire Coffee Jelly Strawberry Anmitsu

"Strawberry Frosty" is a frozen drink that combines strawberry sauce and fresh strawberries. A dish that has a crushed texture of strawberries and a milky taste. You can enjoy the change in taste by melting the ice cream. The price is 680 yen.

Coffee House "Spring Strawberry Fair" Strawberry Frosty