Cafe COMSA "Strawberry Cake".

Cafe COMSA Strawberry

Fair "Strawberry Fair" will be held at Cafe COMSA for a limited time. The fair will be held from January 16 to February 2.



Strawberries are finally coming into season, and their sweet aroma and sweetness will become even sweeter and more delicious. The patissier carefully selects the best strawberries of the day and creates a strawberry cake. The "Strawberry Fair" is an opportunity to enjoy Cafe COMSA's signature cakes made with a luxurious abundance of fragrant, sweet and sour strawberries that remind you of the arrival of spring.

The patissier recommends the best


of the day and uses them abundantly in the fromage blanc base. The inside of the cake is also filled with strawberries, allowing you to enjoy strawberries to the fullest. The base is fromage blanc. Priced at 1,500 yen per piece (tax included).

Cafe COMSA "Strawberry Cake".

Shortcake filled with

strawberries: A large amount of strawberries recommended by the patissier on the day are used and decorated with fresh cream with a moderate sweetness. The combination of strawberries, whipped cream, and fluffy sponge cake is layered in four layers, making this a generous shortcake. The price is 1,500 yen per piece.

Cafe COMSA "Strawberry Shortcake".

The Ginza store's price is different.
The Ginza store uses "Ancient Capital Flower" strawberries produced in Hiragori-cho, Nara Prefecture.
Please inquire about the variety of strawberry at each store.