Yona Yona "Barrel Fukamidas Batch No.55"

Yo-Ho Brewing's craft beer "Barrel Fukamidas Batch No.55" will be on sale at the official online shopping site "Yona Yona no Sato" Main Store from 19:00 on February 18th for "Hirake! Yona Yona Tsuki no Seikatsu" members. , General sale will start from 19:00 on February 25th, limited to 2,200 bottles. Contains beer that has been aged in three types of wooden barrels, both domestically and internationally.

The selling price is 1,430 yen and the capacity is 375 ml. Alcohol content is 11%. You can purchase up to 2 bottles per person. A new work of the "Barrel Fukamidas" series manufactured by a technique called "barrel age" in which beer is aged in wooden barrels used in the production of whiskey and wine. This is the 26th work since the start of production in 2013.

The scent of whiskey that remains in the wooden barrel is transferred, creating a deep flavor, resulting in a complex and deep finish, and the taste changes depending on the type, condition, aging period, and composition of the wooden barrel.

This time, there are a total of 4 wooden barrels of 2 types used for aging malt whiskey and grain whiskey at Fuji Gotemba Distillery, and a total of 2 wooden barrels with a smoky scent used for whiskey making overseas. It is combined.

The undiluted sake packed in these wooden barrels is a long-term aged beer called barley wine, which is characterized by a sweet scent reminiscent of raisins and caramel and a profound body with high alcohol. It has a complex taste with multiple layers of woody aroma and dark chocolate-like sweetness. The mouth is not too heavy, so it is said to be suitable for those who are new to barrel-aged beer.