Suntory Beer "Tokyo Craft [Fruity Ale]"

Suntory Beer will release "Tokyo Craft [Fruity Ale]" on December 14th. At 350ml (11.83us fl oz), the price is open. Alcohol content is 6.5%.

Tokyo Craft [Fruity Ale]

"Tokyo Craft [Fruity Ale]" is an elegant and refreshing beer with a scent like ripe fruit. Haratau Blanc hops with a white wine-like scent and some Galaxy hops with a tropical scent are used and fermented with top-fermenting yeast to bring out a ripe fruit-like scent. .. You can enjoy the harmony of the umami and aroma of wheat that spreads gently with 100% domestic malt preparation. The package is based on bright and gorgeous pink, expressing the scent of ripe fruits and the gorgeous mood of the year-end and New Year holidays.

Tokyo craft

"Tokyo Craft" is a brand created by Suntory Beer, which has been trying to make beer in Musashino, Tokyo for half a century with the theme of tradition and innovation, with attachment and respect for "Tokyo". While making the most of its individuality, it is popular for its urban and sophisticated taste and diverse lineup.