Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding" from Kyodo Dairy

Kyodo Nyugyo

Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding Kyodo Nyugyo will sell "Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding" at supermarkets and convenience stores for a limited time. The product will be on sale until March 6. The calorie count is 167 kcal.


Japanese Maple Pudding "Chichibu Japanese Maple Pudding" is made from "Japanese Maple" produced in Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. Japanese Maple is maple syrup made from the sap of precious maple trees in the forests of Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture, which are only harvested for one month after the snow melts. Made by carefully boiling down the sap of maple trees, this rare Japanese maple is rich in minerals and has a sweetness that can be felt gradually.

In order to take advantage of the gentle sweetness of Japanese maple and its aroma that penetrates the nose, a smooth and soft texture is achieved. In order to preserve the flavor of Japanese maple, no caramel sauce is used. One bite of the cake will leave you with a smooth texture and a gentle sweetness, followed by the aroma of Japanese maple.

A portion of the sales proceeds will be used to grow maple seedlings to be planted in the forests of Chichibu, helping to protect the forests.