Date Masamune motif rare cheesecake "Polka dot team"

A rare cheesecake set "Polka Dot Team" with Date Masamune as a motif will be on sale at the online shop "Mitique Lab" on March 20th. Colorful sweets made with ingredients from Miyagi prefecture.

A polka-dotted jinbaori that is said to have been owned by "Date Masamune," which stands out among the Sengoku warlords in history. This modern and colorful five-color polka dot pattern and the symbol mark helmet crescent of Date Masamune are expressed in sweets by a skilled pastry chef using a special technique.

Rare cheesecake "Polka Dot Team" with Date Masamune motif
Date family polka dot pattern jinhaori

Rare cheesecake "Polka Dot Team" with Date Masamune motif
Date Masamune Helmet Crescent

"Polka Dot Team" is a unique set of rare cheesecake that shines like a jewel. It is a discerning dessert that strongly expresses the characteristics of Tohoku Miyagi. By carefully selecting and using local ingredients such as cream cheese from Zaoh, blueberries and yuzu from the prefecture, and Zunda, a specialty of Sendai, the taste is delicate and profound.

Created with the image of jewels, such as "Red Jewel" and "Mysterious Emerald", which were also used for Japan Airlines domestic first class in-flight meal sweets, and "Blue Jewel", which was also offered in France and became a hot topic in the media. 5 kinds of rare cheesecake. The taste lineup is as follows.

Sapphire: Prefectural Blueberry Flavored Rare Cheesecake Pearl: Sendai Specialty Zunda Flavored Rare Cheesecake Ruby: Franboise Flavored Rare Cheesecake Emerald: Matcha Flavored Rare Cheesecake Yellow Diamond: Prefectural Yuzu Flavored Rare Cheesecake

5 pieces for 2,538 yen (tax included, same below) and 10 pieces for 4,298 yen will be prepared.