Hontaka Sunaya White Day sweets gift
(* The source of the image is the official website of Hontaka Sunaya)

Hontaka Sunaya (Taka is a different character) has announced a sweets gift plan for White Day on its official website. Until February 18, it will be treated as "White Day recommended product WA5" and will win 10 people by lottery.

At Hontaka Sunaya, recommended sweets gifts are held once or twice a month. Following the previous Valentine's Day sweets , multiple types such as chocolate were packed.

"Chocolate Ecoluce", which is made by baking the dough thinly and gently wrapped in chocolate, and "Recoal de Cove", which has a crispy and light texture, are housed in a box and are festively dressed with cherry blossoms from Matsumae Utsuju Somei. .. The breakdown is as follows.

・ Chocolat Ecolse milk chocolate 2 pieces ・ Chocolat Ecolse white chocolate 2 pieces ・ Chocolat Ecolse strawberry chocolate 2 pieces ・ Cold cobe milk chocolate 1 piece ・ Cold cobe cherry flavored chocolate 1 piece

This assortment can also be purchased as "Assemblage WA5" at the official online shop of Hontaka Sunaya. The selling price is 540 yen (tax included, shipping fee not included).