Fujiya "Reward Heart Chocolate (Thick White Peach)

Fujiya's "

Reward Heart Chocolate (Thick White Peach)" From Fujiya's long-selling "Heart Chocolate" brand, "Reward Heart Chocolate (Thick White Peach)" will go on sale nationwide on April 18 (Tuesday).

Reward Heart Chocolate (Thick White Peach


From the long-selling "Heart Chocolate" brand launched in 1935, a new product with the rich taste of domestically produced white peaches will be available for a limited time. It is recommended not only as a reward for yourself, but also as a gift that conveys your heart.

The "Heart Chocolate (Rich White Peach)" is a heart-shaped chocolate with a lovely white and pink marble pattern, reminiscent of white peaches. The chocolate is filled with domestically grown white peaches, giving it a rich and fragrant flavor.

Fujiya "Reward Heart Chocolate (Thick White Peach)

These cute heart-shaped chocolates make a perfect small gift for Mother's Day. It would be a good idea to give them as a gift to express your gratitude, which is usually difficult to express.

Product name: Reward Heart Chocolate (rich white peach)
Launch date: April 18, 2023 (Tuesday), nationwide release
Content specifications: chocolate
Displayed internal volume: 35g (1.23oz)
Reference retail price: open price
JAN code: 4902555265391