Ministop "Ice Tiramisu" "Ice Baked Cheese"

At each Ministop store, the second product of "Frozen Sweets", "Ice Tiramisu" and "Ice Baked Cheese," will be released on January 19th. Both are stick-type, new-style frozen sweets that you can easily enjoy.

"Ice Tiramisu" is a cake that tastes like ice cream that you can enjoy immediately without waiting for thawing. A combination of sponge, tiramisu mousse, coffee sauce and whipped cream, and tiramisu mousse is made from Hokkaido mascarpone cheese powder. It is a tiramisu that you can enjoy refreshingly while keeping it cold while feeling the bitterness of coffee. The price is 213 yen (tax included, same below).

Ministop "Ice Tiramisu"

On the other hand, "Ice Baked Cheese" is also a cake that you can enjoy like ice cream without waiting for it to thaw. Cheese dough is placed on a sponge and baked. The top surface of baked cheese made from Camembert cheese powder has a dark brown texture. Tailoring that you can feel the scent of cheese firmly. The price is 213 yen.

Ministop "Ice Baked Cheese"