Lawson "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe"

Lawson New Arrival Sweets Summary

This page introduces the new arrival sweets to be released at Lawson on May 23, 2023, including their prices and calories. The new arrivals include "Doramocchi (Anko & Whip)", "Mottochiri Milk Warabi (Mellow Strawberry)", "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe", and "Machinopan Mugitto Bagel Super Chocolate".

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Doramocchi (Anko

& Whip)

Lawson "Doramocchi (Anko & Whip)

Doramocchi (Anko & Whip)" is a sweet treat with the delicious taste of cream and azuki beans in a crispy, chewy dough. Price: 192 yen. It has 261 kcal.


Milk Warabi (Thick Strawberry

LAWSON "Mottochiri Milk Warabi (Thick Strawberry)

Mottochiri Milk Warabi (Thick Strawberry)" is a cup dessert consisting of thick milk warabi with a sweet strawberry sauce. It is priced at 268 yen. It has 173 kcal.

Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe

Lawson "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe"

The "Strawberry and Baked Cheese Crepe" is a satisfying crepe that allows you to enjoy the combination of strawberries and baked cheese. Price: ¥322. Calories 374 kcal.

Machinopan Mugitto Bagel Super Chocolate

LAWSON "Muguritto Bagel Super Chocolate" (Machinopan)

Mugitto Bagel Super Choco" is a bagel with a soft and chewy texture and a rich chocolate flavor. It is priced at 149 yen. Calories 230 kcal.

Tokachi Butter Delicious French Toast

LAWSON "Tokachi Butter No Umajuwa French Toast

Tokachi Butter French Toast is a French toast with a natural flavor. You can enjoy the "umajuwa" taste and texture. Price: 149 yen. It has 465 calories.

Chocolate D

Lawson "Choco Danish

Choco Danish" is a soft and fluffy Danish pastry baked with milk chocolate with a hint of cacao. The price is 138 yen. Calories: 378 kcal.

NL An-French Bread 2 pieces, made with margarine and fermented butter

LAWSON "NL An-French Bread 2pcs. with Margarine with Fermented Butter"

NL An-French Bread (2 pieces) with Fermented Butter Margarine is a savory French bread with red bean paste and margarine with fermented butter sandwiched in between. It is priced at 151 yen. It has 101 kcal.

NL White Bread on a Stick ~with chocolate cream

Lawson "NL White Stick Bread with Chocolate Cream

NL White Stick Bread with Chocolate Cream" is a white stick bread with fluffy dough and delicious chocolate cream. The price is 160 yen. It contains 243 kcal.

Tiramisu-Style Sandwich

LAWSON "Tiramisu-Style Sandwich

Tiramisu-style sandwiches are made with whipped cream from Hokkaido and cheese cream with coffee sauce for a tiramisu-like taste. The price is 322 yen. Calories: 316 kcal.

Fruit Sandwich:

Two Kiwi Fruits

LAWSON "Fruit Sandwich 2 Kiwifruit

The "Fruit Sandwich: 2 Kiwifruits" is a sweet sandwich featuring two kinds of kiwifruit: gold kiwifruit and kiwifruit. It is combined with cream cheese with yogurt. The price is 408 yen. Calories: 302 kcal.

Meiji Hokkaido Azuki Condensed Milk Ice: 175 ml

Meiji Hokkaido azuki condensed milk ice 175ml

Meiji Hokkaido Azuki Condensed Milk Ice 175ml (5.92us fl oz)" is a combination of soft condensed milk ice and vanilla ice cream, topped with a generous amount of Hokkaido azuki beans. It is priced at 198 yen. It has 207 kcal.