Compatible with Soup Stock Tokyo "baby food" Uber Eats

The retort-packed baby food series "Baby food that Akachan wants to refill", which was jointly developed by "Soup Stock Tokyo" with the family restaurant "100 spoons", is now available on the Uber Eats delivery menu.

The selling price is 649 yen (tax included) separately. You can order it with an adult family meal such as soup or curry. This is useful when you feel sick or want to take a break even if you want to make baby food.

Similar to the development of soup, it is made by devising cooking to bring out the original taste of the ingredients, adding soup stock to add umami, and selecting colorful ingredients. Over-the-counter sales and free tasting are already available at some stores. Also suitable for half-birthday and 1st birthday gifts.

The stores that support the delivery service at Uber Eats are as follows.

・ Maruyama store ・ LUMINE Shinjuku store ・ Nakameguro store ・ Kirarina Keio Kichijoji store ・ LUMINE Kitasenju store ・ Hoshigaoka terrace store ・ Soup stock Tokyo Atre Kichijoji store to eat at home

The selling price of baby food is different for Uber Eats, over-the-counter sales, and online shops. For more information, please contact us at the store or on our website.