Gust "Margherita Pizza"

At each Gust store, a To go campaign is being held from January 14th to 27th, where the popular "Margherita Pizza" is offered at a limited price of 399 yen (all tax excluded). * Except for the morning hours (~ 10: 30)

At the time of the 399 yen campaign so far, it was very popular with many people, such as "This price is super cospa with this volume!" As more opportunities to eat at home, a special To go limited campaign will be held again for a limited time in response to the response. The regular price of 599 yen "Margherita Pizza" is offered at a limited price of 399 yen. * Only for To go

Gust "Margherita Pizza" To go Campaign

The point of deliciousness of pizza is the special dough. The fermented and molded dough is baked in the oven with a crispy texture and a soft and chewy texture inside, so you can eat deliciously to your ears.

Homemade pizza sauce, rich mixed cheese, Italian mozzarella cheese, and homemade basil sauce are used as toppings. The refreshing sourness of homemade basil sauce and tomatoes match well.

The target period of the To go campaign is planned. Sales may end without notice.