Chateraise New Frozen Pizza "85% Sugar Cut Pizza with Salsiccia Style Sausage
(Image taken from the official website)


will release a new frozen pizza, "85% Sugar Cut Pizza Salsiccia Style Sausage". The product will go on sale on September 29, 2012, and will come in packages of two, priced at 432 yen (tax included).

Pizza with 85% less sugar "Pizza with 85% less sugar


sausage" is a pizza with a slightly mature taste, topped with a spicy tomato spice sauce and spicy salsiccia-style sausage. By using dietary fiber instead of flour, the taste is maintained, and the sugar content per slice is reduced to 4.5g (0.18oz) (excluding erythritol), which is 85% less than that of a pizza margherita (100g (3.53oz) equivalent) that can be baked directly in the oven.

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