Lawson Japanese sweets "Eat trout Snoopy"

Japanese sweets "Eat trout Snoopy" with the motifs of popular characters "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" will be released at Lawson nationwide on January 19th. All 2 types, the price is 264 yen each (excluding tax).

Eating trout Snoopy is a product that expresses "Snoopy" and "Charlie Brown" in Japanese sweets. As the name "Eatable Mascot" suggests, the charm points of each of the two characters are expressed in a chubby "neri-kiri".

Not only the "Snoopy" collar, but also the back and tail are faithfully reproduced. "Charlie Brown" is also carefully crafted in every detail, such as the trademark shirt pattern.

Lawson Japanese sweets "Eat trout Snoopy"

While the taste of the bean paste inside retains the delicate taste unique to Japanese sweets, "Snoopy" is a chocolate flavor associated with your favorite chocolate chip cookie, and "Charlie Brown" is a custard flavor associated with the color of the shirt. Expand by type.

"Snoopy" staring at you with a laid-back form and round eyes, and "Charlie Brown" with a lovely smile. It is a photogenic product that you can enjoy not only the taste but also the appearance, and you will want to take a picture of two of them.

* Some stores are not available. * As the quantity is limited, sales will end as soon as they are sold out.

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