Fujiya pastry shop "Tunkaron 2 pieces (chocolate & Amaou strawberry)"

Valentine's Day sweets will be on sale from the end of January at the Fujiya pastry shop. A lineup of chocolate cakes and cute gifts.

◆ Released on January 22

"Sweetie Heart" is a sweet with a cute heart shape. White chocolate mousse and milk chocolate mousse are layered, and bitter chocolate cream is added. The price is 480 yen (tax included, same below).

Fujiya pastry shop "Sweetie Heart"

"Yukidoke Chocolat" is a cake made by pouring chocolate mousse on chocolate souffle dough and finishing it with chocolate sponge. Sprinkled with powdered sugar, it looks like snow is flying. The price is 480 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Yukidoke Chocolat"

"Three kinds of chocolate Mont Blanc" is a Mont Blanc for chocolate lovers using white chocolate, milk chocolate and sweet chocolate. The price is 390 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "3 kinds of chocolate Mont Blanc"

"Tunkaron 2 pieces (chocolate & Amaou strawberry)" is a sandwich of chocolate and Amaou strawberry cream with colorful macaron dough. The price is 550 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Tunkaron 2 pieces (chocolate & Amaou strawberry)"

◆ Released on February 1st

"Kiln-baked double cream puff (high cacao chocolate)" is a sweet made by squeezing chocolate custard cream with high cacao chocolate in a kiln-baked shoe case, chocolate chanterie cream, and chanterie cream. Dice-cut high cacao chocolate accents the look and texture. The price is 280 yen.

Fujiya pastry shop "Kiln-baked double cream puff (high cacao chocolate)"

◆ Gifts released in late January

Introducing "Milky Truffle", which is made by wrapping chocolate in the same design as the milky wrapping paper, and "Peko-chan Heart Chocolate", which is crunch and Amaou strawberry. "Peko-chan Petit Gift", a package in which sweets and Peko-chan are drawn in pastel colors, will also be available.

Fujiya Valentine Sweets