Black Thunder Series "Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Dark Honey Walnut Gateau Chocolate"

From Yuraku Confectionery's Black Thunder series, "Black Thunder Hitokuchi Size Dense Walnut Gateau Chocolat" will be released on January 18th. Limited to convenience stores. The estimated price is 120 yen (excluding tax).

"Black Thunder" is a bite-sized black thunder that gives you the "moist texture" of gateau chocolate, the rich chocolate taste, and the aroma of rich walnuts.

Using a chocolate cake with a moist texture baked by Yuraku Confectionery, the smooth texture and rich chocolate taste, and the pleasant texture and aroma of a generously blended walnut spread throughout your mouth. You can enjoy the texture and taste of authentic rich gateau chocolate that is perfect for winter.

In addition, "maple paste" is added as a secret ingredient to enhance the aroma of nuts and the taste of chocolate. You can easily enjoy authentic sweets that add depth to the overall flavor.