Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja

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Black Thunder Elegant


A new spring product, "Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja," from Yuraku Confectionery's Black Thunder Premium Series will be released on April 4 (Tuesday). The product will be sold in a single package at an estimated price of 62 yen (tax included).


Thunder Premium Series The Black Thunder Premium Series is based on the concept of a "truly delicious chocolate bar," with a texture, ingredients, and taste that are carefully selected to make Black Thunder even more enjoyable. The series offers a "heavenly taste" that is hard to believe at 62 yen per bar (tax included).

Black Thunder Elegant


"Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja" focuses on "gianduja," a traditional Italian candy that combines roasted nut paste and chocolate, a flavor that is a staple in chocolate specialty stores. When the product was launched last year, it was well received, especially on social networking sites, with people saying "It tastes like a specialty store" and "I bought it every time I found it," and even after the launch ended, some people said "I'll never forget it.

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja

The popular product has been renewed, focusing on ingredients and texture so that customers can enjoy the elegant flavor of hazelnuts. The hazelnuts are made from a combination of two types of pastes, one with a slightly bitter flavor from hot air roasting with strong roasting and the other with a sweet and rich flavor from kiln roasting, resulting in an elegant and rich taste. The smooth chocolate and crunchy cocoa cookie also provide a "mild" texture.

Yuraku Confectionery "Black Thunder Elegant Gianduja

It is the perfect accompaniment to relaxing time during breaks or between tasks in your busy day-to-day life. Close your eyes and enjoy the pleasant aroma of mellow hazelnuts for a moment of elegance.

Sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, etc. nationwide. Some stores may not carry the product.