Yuraku Confectionery "Banana Thunder

Banana Thunder" from


Seika's "Black Thunder" series "Banana Thunder" will make a reappearance and be sold at convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, etc. nationwide from May 23 (some stores may not carry the product). The estimated price is 49 yen per piece (tax included).


Yuraku Confectionery "Banana Thunder

Banana no Thunder" is a popular product that was ranked 5th out of 38 products in the "Everyone's Choice 2022 NO.1 Black Thunder" project conducted by the official Black Thunder Twitter. This year, it will be re-released with a "more banana" flavor.

The popular banana chips with a delicious "crunchy" texture have been retained, but banana powder has been newly added to give the product an even more powerful banana flavor. The banana chips were selected for their good texture that allows the banana flavor to be fully enjoyed. The long toasted banana chips are made from sliced bananas fried in coconut oil and crushed to create a banana flavor that becomes more intense the more you chew. Plain biscuits are also added to give the snack a crunchy texture that is typical of Black Thunder.

Yuraku Confectionery "Banana Thunder

The texture of the banana chips and biscuits is combined with the half-coated chocolate, creating a mouth-watering combination of banana and chocolate that fills the mouth every time it is chewed. The package features a gorilla character that loves bananas and chocolate, creating a visually pleasing product.