Tully's "Mocha Macchiato"
Mocha Macchiato

Tully's Coffee's classic popular product "Cafe Mocha" has been renewed to "Mocha Macchiato". In addition, it will be on sale from January 8th together with the seasonal cafe mocha "Soi Mocha Macchiato" and "White Mocha Macchiato".

"Cafe Mocha" is a popular drink in Tully's that combines the bitterness of coffee with the sweetness of fragrant chocolate. Espresso is finished by dividing it with milk and chocolate sauce. This time, in order to convey the charm of Cafe Mocha again, it will be the first major renewal and will be "evolved" into "Mocha Macchiato".

"Mocha Macchiato" removes whipped cream and enhances the chocolate feeling with couverture chocolate chips so that you can know the taste of coffee and chocolate in harmony. Unlike Cafe Mocha, by putting espresso in a cup filled with chocolate sauce and steam milk, espresso collects at the bottom of the cup. As you continue to drink, the bitterness of espresso stands out, and you can enjoy the change in taste.

The seasonal drink "Soi Moka Maki Art" based on such "Moka Maki Art" is a soy milk customized drink of Moka Maki Art. The silky mouthfeel of soy milk that enhances the scent of cacao in chocolate sauce is finished in a chocolate drink that you can enjoy the richness of espresso and the texture and richness of Kubel chocolate chips.

Tully's "Soimo Macchiato"
Soimo Kamaki Art

On the other hand, "White Mocha Macchiato" is finished by adding espresso to the mellow and gentle sweetness of steam milk of white chocolate afterwards and topping it with plenty of white chocolate chips. As the white chocolate dissolves in the steam milk, the creaminess increases, and you can feel the richness of espresso as you continue to drink. It is a drink that changes the taste with one cup and makes you feel relieved with a gentle mouthfeel.

Tully's "White Mocha Macchiato"
White mocha macchiato

The tax-excluded prices for each size are as follows.

・ Mocha Macchiato
Short 410 yen / Tall 460 yen / Grande 510 yen

・ Soimo Kamaki Art
Short 460 yen / Tall 510 yen / Grande 560 yen

・ White Mocha Macchiato
Short 460 yen / Tall 510 yen / Grande 560 yen