New customization option for Starbucks coffee "Almond milk"
Customize to enjoy with a body-friendly mood

A new customization option, "Almond Milk," is now available at each Starbucks coffee shop. From October 2nd, you can customize the Beverage using milk such as Espresso Beverage (excluding some stores). The price is +50 yen.

Almond milk is attracting attention as the "third milk" after milk and soy milk. It is a vegetable milk that is said to be rich in vitamin E, minerals, and dietary fiber, so it is also supported by people with high health consciousness.

Starbucks original "almond milk" was developed with a focus on fragrant almond flavor and creamy taste so that you can enjoy it in a well-balanced manner with espresso. Along with the launch of the new Beverage using "almond milk", it will be offered as one of the customizations along with non-fat milk and soy milk (adjusted soy milk).

New customization option for Starbucks coffee "Almond milk"
More combinations

For first-time users, we recommend customizing "Caramel Macchiato" with fragrant caramel sauce and "Cafe Mocha" which is sweet and bittersweet. It also goes well with Frappuccino. Enjoy the arrangement, such as changing the milk of "Coffee Frappuccino" to "almond milk" and adding "chocolate chips".

Limited time until March 31, 2018. However, it will end as soon as it runs out.