The ultimate goal of drinking coffee may be to consume caffeine to wake up drowsiness and rejuvenate the brain. Some may say that there is no choice but to relieve the symptoms of addiction.

But to achieve that goal, you have to "choose" one of the many types of coffee for yourself. And the hidden personality of the person is projected on the "choice".

Jeff Wysaski, a US comic artist who has also contributed to Time and Forbes magazines, has published "What Your Coffee Says About You," which shows your personality in your favorite cafe menu. In this work, the personality diagnosis with the favorite coffee is carried out as follows.

■ Espresso: Kind and adaptable
People who choose espresso really know the taste of coffee. The number of such people is small, but I can respect them.

■ Double espresso: High problem-solving ability, hard worker
I am aware that normal espresso is no longer effective for me.

■ Triple espresso: A type that is enthusiastic about work. But is it a little overkill?
If you like triple espresso, haven't you slept since the late 90's?

■ Cafe Mocha: I like fun and have high creativity.
I don't really like the taste of coffee, but I want the stimulation of caffeine, so I choose Cafe Mocha with a sweet taste.

■ Latte: Thoughtful, but sometimes indecisive
In the first place, you tend to make safe choices.

■ Cappuccino: A warm-hearted person, but sometimes you can't see the surroundings.
Friends of this type of person should be careful to wipe the bubbles on their lips.

■ Macchiato: A modest person who values tradition
Sometimes you just don't like bubbles sticking to your upper lip.

■ Iced coffee: A person who has a strong self-assertion and makes a bitter talk
I don't like the fact that the choice of drink depends on the climate. A case of simply "I like straws" is also conceivable.

■ American coffee: Gentle and sincere
A type where you can enjoy the things that are commonplace. For example, a picnic in the park, for example, the song of a bird, and for example, a light coffee.

■ Frappuccino: Satisfied and active
He claims to like coffee, but he really likes ice cream.

"What Your Coffee Says About You"
"What Your Coffee Says About You"

The work also deals with takeaway coffee and Expresso.

Wysaski does not specialize in psychoanalysis or psychology. His opinion has no scientific basis. But the depth of that insight is interesting.