Tully's "Flat White" "Mocha Macchiato"

"Flat White" and "Mocha Macchiato" will be on sale from January 7th at Tully's Coffee. At the same time, chocolate sweets "Chocolate Panino" and "Choco Baton" and coffee beans "Tully's Romance Roast" that go well with chocolate are also available.

Flat white

"Flat White" is an espresso drink that originated in New Zealand. Tully's Coffee "Flat White" uses carefully extracted espresso and unadjusted milk. The amount of espresso and milk is increased compared to "Cafe Latte", and the taste of the ingredients is concentrated. You can enjoy the mellow aroma and powerful richness of espresso, the silky mouthfeel of milk and the original sweetness. Only Tall size, the price is 517 yen (tax included, same below).

Mocamaki Art

"Mocamaki Art" is a cup where you can simply enjoy the deliciousness of espresso and chocolate. The sweetness of chocolate is felt in the first bite, and the bitterness of espresso stands out as you continue to drink, and the point is the change in taste. Prices start from Short size 451 yen.

Chocolate panini

Tully's "Chocolate Panino"

The price is 297 yen per item. The box is 1,485 yen.

Chocolate baton

Tully's "Chocolate Baton"

The price is 583 yen with today's coffee. The box is 990 yen.

Tully's Roman Roast

Tully's "Tully's Romance Roast"

It contains 200g (7.05oz) and the price is 1,231 yen.