Starbucks Coffee Japan will offer three types of coffee and espresso cakes, "Caramel Macchiato," "Cafe Mocha," and "Latte," which were born from the popular Starbucks Beverage, from March 13 at Starbucks stores in Japan (excluding some stores). Sell at. The price is 350 yen per piece.

Coffee & Espresso Cake Caramel Macchiato (left), Cafe Mocha (middle), Latte (right)
Coffee & Espresso Cake Caramel Macchiato (left), Cafe Mocha (middle), Latte (right)

Speaking of coffee cakes in Western cafes, they are widely known as "cakes that go well with coffee" rather than coffee-flavored cakes. The cake to be released this time is also named "Coffee & Espresso Cake" as a cake to enjoy together while drinking coffee or espresso beverage.

Inspired by the three types of Beverages "Caramel Macchiato," "Cafe Mocha," and "Starbucks Latte," which can be said to be the origin of Starbucks in Seattle, USA, the products are created by baristas with all their heart. By brewing and combining carefully selected ingredients, you can enjoy a unique taste and various textures. It is said that it is a product that you can enjoy casual and authentic sweets in "American style" along with drinks such as drip coffee and latte in various scenes such as "Coffee break" in the business scene.

[Coffee & Espresso Cake]

■ Caramel Macchiato

A cake made by sandwiching a lot of bitter caramel sauce between coffee-flavored dough with caramel and vanilla-flavored dough, and baking it so that you can enjoy a combination of rich and fragrant caramel and bittersweet coffee like caramel macchiato. The topping is caramel chocolate inspired by the caramel sauce of "Caramel Macchiato".

■ Cafe Mocha

Express the flavor of "Cafe Mocha" with coffee-flavored dough and cocoa-flavored dough. By adding ganache cream and chocolate chunks inside, we finished it so that you can enjoy the richer and more textured chocolate taste. It is also topped with white chocolate that looks like the whipped cream of "Cafe Mocha".

■ Latte

By combining milk-flavored dough and coffee-flavored dough with smooth milk cream, the appearance of adding milk to the "latte" espresso is expressed with a marble-patterned dough, and finished in a simple taste inspired by Starbucks latte. cake. You can also enjoy the texture of white chocolate chunks and tart dough added to the accent.