Tamukado "Gokupurin Tonka Chocolat"

From January 8th, Tamukado will sell "Gokupurin Tonka Chocolat," a winter-only product that allows you to enjoy a "brilliant scent that you have never experienced." The price is 460 yen (tax included) per bottle.

The store's "Gokupurin" is a pudding that appeared in 2001 and has been well received. It is a popular product with 350,000 sold out annually. The "Gokupurin Tonka Chocolat" to be released this time is a chocolate pudding that uses "Tonka beans", which are the seeds of the legumes of Central and South America and have a highly aromatic scent. It's a perfect gift for Valentine's Day in February.

Two layers of chocolate sauce layer and pudding layer are tailored so that you will not get tired of eating one chocolate pudding. The chocolate sauce layer is a sauce that expresses the rich taste of chocolate. The pudding layer is a pudding that has a refreshing aftertaste due to its good mouthfeel while feeling the chocolate firmly.

Tamukado "Gokupurin Tonka Chocolat"

The chocolate used is from Valrhona, the world's top manufacturer. The basic ingredients of pudding are fresh milk from Shizuoka prefecture, which has a strong and mild taste, precious brand eggs with a large yolk and a rich taste, and cows grown in the rich natural environment of Hokkaido. Uses fresh cream made from raw milk. It has a rich yet refreshing taste.

Available at 5 directly managed stores of Tamkado and online shops. It will be on sale for a limited time until February 28th.