Kentucky Fried Chicken "Strawberry Chocolate Pie"

"Strawberry chocolate pie" will be on sale from January 6th at each Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) store. The price is 230 yen (tax included).

"Strawberry chocolate pie" is a pie made by wrapping a sweet and sour chocolate cream with a rich strawberry flavor in a crispy pie crust. Both the cream and the pie dough are finished in a cute pink color reminiscent of strawberries, and the cross section of the pie is bright pink. It is carefully baked and served in the store's oven.

From January 6th, a limited number of "Strawberry Chocolate Pie" will be added to the side menu where you can choose "Original Chicken Pack" so that you can enjoy it as a dessert for meals with chicken. Also, from the same day, a special coupon to commemorate the release of "Strawberry Chocolate Pie" will be distributed on the "KFC Official App" and "KFC Official Twitter Account".

The product list and tax-included price are as follows.

Strawberry chocolate pie: 230 yen * If you purchase with a set, box, or pack, you can purchase as many as you like for 180 yen each.

Set with drink: 330 yen [Strawberry chocolate pie, drink (M)]

Original chicken 4 piece pack: 1,290 yen [Original chicken 4 pieces, 2 side menus to choose from]

Original chicken 6 piece pack: 1,790 yen [Original chicken 6 pieces, 3 selectable side menus]

Original chicken 8 piece pack: 2,390 yen [Original chicken 8 pieces, 4 side menus to choose from]

Kentucky Fried Chicken "Strawberry Chocolate Pie"