Kappa Sushi "Natural Oma Tuna"

"Natural Oma Hon-tuna" will be on sale for a limited time from January 6th at each Kappa Sushi restaurant. The price is consistently 280 yen (excluding tax).

Kappa Sushi offers "natural Oma tuna" caught in Oma-cho, which is considered to be the highest peak among the tuna commonly known as "black diamonds", as a new year's material suitable for early spring 2021. Last year, "Oma Tuna" was sold for a limited time only at Aomori stores and was well received. In response to this, it will be deployed at all stores this time.

Oma Town in Aomori Prefecture, which faces the Tsugaru Straits, the northernmost town of Honshu, is famous as the "Tuna Town". The Tsugaru Strait is inhabited by many plankton because the Kuroshio Current, the Tsushima Current, and the Chishima Current flow into it. This tuna, which eats squid and sardines that eat high-quality plankton as a staple food, is said to be very delicious because it is full.

In addition, "Oma Tuna" is single-fished during the day. Although this fishing method cannot catch a large amount of tuna, it does not damage the tuna and it is possible to carry out blood removal activity before it weakens, so it is possible to ship the tuna while maintaining its freshness. The quality of the high-end brand tuna called "Oma Tuna" continues to be maintained by the efforts of the fishermen who have abundant food, the very delicious tuna that ate it, and the fishermen who ship it in a fresh state.

Limited time sale until January 14th. It will end as soon as it runs out.