Kappa Sushi "Undead Unlucked" collaboration first campaign

Kappa Sushi "Undead Unluck" Collaboration Campaign

The first "Pass Case" present campaign in collaboration with the TV anime "Undead Unluck" will be held at Kappa Sushi restaurants for official app members only (*Except for some restaurants under renovation). Ends as soon as it's gone.

Pass Case

" Present Campaign

Kappa Sushi "Undead Unlucked" collaboration first campaign

When you spend 2,000 yen (including tax) or more at a Kappa Sushi restaurant and present the barcode voucher in the official app to the cashier at checkout, you will receive an "Undead Unluck" passcase with a limited Kappa Sushi design.

The pass case is an item that can be used in a variety of ways depending on your preference, such as by setting a traffic IC card in it and using it for commuting to work or school or shopping, or by hanging it on your bag as an accessory. They can also be displayed side by side in a room to enjoy everyday life with "Undead Unluck".

The passcases come in a total of five different designs printed with "Andy," "Kazeko," "Shen," "Gina," and "Juice" (the design cannot be chosen).

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