Take away 10% off at "Seafood Misaki Port" and "Sushi Misaki Maru"! For a limited time
(* All images are from the Kyotaru official website)

If you make a reservation for the To go menu at Kyotaru Group's "Seafood Misaki Port," "Sushi Misaki Maru," "Sushi Yuraku," and "Ningyocho Sui" by the day before, you can get a 10% discount. Limited time until January 11, 2021.

In addition, a limited number and limited time set will be available at Seafood Misaki Port. There are two types, "Tsumugi" and "Sachi".

10% off To go at "Seafood Misaki Port" and "Sushi Misaki Maru"! For a limited time

The selling price of pongee is 12,000 yen (tax included, same below). The contents are as follows with 55 pieces for 5 people.

・ Nakatoro 5 pieces ・ Hotate 5 pieces ・ Kanhirame 5 pieces ・ Zuwai crab 5 pieces ・ Otoro 5 pieces ・ Akakai 5 pieces ・ Ikura warship 5 pieces ・ Uni warship 5 pieces ・ Car shrimp 5 pieces ・ Kazunoko 5 pieces ・ Boiled 5 pieces of Anago and 5 pieces of Tamagoyaki

Fortunately, it costs 7,200 yen. The contents are as follows. The contents are as follows with 33 pieces for 3 people.

・ Nakatoro 3 pieces ・ Hotate 3 pieces ・ Kanhirame 3 pieces ・ Zuwai crab 3 pieces ・ Otoro 3 pieces ・ Akakai 3 pieces ・ Ikura warship 3 pieces ・ Uni warship 3 pieces ・ Car shrimp 3 pieces ・ Kazunoko 3 pieces ・ Boiled 3 pieces of Anago and 3 pieces of Tamagoyaki

In addition, at each of the Seafood Misaki Port and Sushi Misaki Maru stores, we are conducting a campaign in which one To go sushi is included for each serving and a drink is included free of charge.