Minamoto Kitchoan "Snack Box"
(* The source of the image is Minamoto Kitchoan official website)

Minamoto Kitchoan's official online shop limited sweets assortment "Snack Box" has been announced on the official website. Anpan, Daifuku, and Dorayaki made with special bean paste are included.

The selling price is 5,000 yen (tax included), and shipping is free. It is a frozen flight and cannot be bundled with other items. It arrives in a simple box without packaging and does not come with a carrying bag. Also, Noshi cannot be specified. The delivery period is from late December 2020 to late January 2021.

Minamoto Kitchoan Anpan wrapped in in-house produced bean paste is included. There are three types of bean paste: red bean paste, red bean paste, and mugwort bean paste. Fermented seeds that are particular about water retention are used for the dough so that it will be moisturized.

Dorayaki is characterized by brown sugar-flavored dough baked in a tiger pattern and bean paste cooked glossy. "Kingoma Daifuku", in which the bean paste is wrapped in soft rice cake and sprinkled with gold sesame, and "Yomogi Daifuku", in which the bean paste is wrapped in YOMOGI flavorful rice cake, are also packed. The number of each is as follows.

・ Anpan Koshian 4 pieces ・ Anpan mashed bean paste 4 pieces ・ Anpan YOMOGI 4 pieces ・ Dorayaki 4 pieces ・ Gold sesame Daifuku 6 pieces ・ Yomogi Daifuku 6 pieces