Bourbon "Chocolate Earn Pan with Strawberry Milk Bag
Chocoa-anpan Strawberry Milk Bag

Bourbon Chocoaanpan

Ichigo Milk Bag Bourbon will introduce a new flavor "Chocoaanpan Ichigo Milk Bag" in the "Chocoaanpan" series, a cute bite-sized snack bread. It will be available at convenience stores, mass merchandisers, drugstores, retail stores, and kiosks nationwide from March 7, 2023. The product has a content of 42g (1.48oz) and is open price. The shelf life is 6 months. A box type is also scheduled to go on sale on April 4.

Chocoa Bread Ichigo Milk Bag" is a bite-sized


of bread fermented with yeast and filled with strawberry milk-flavored chocolate. It also contains calcium and vitamin D, which helps with calcium absorption, making it an ideal snack for children.

Bourbon "Chocolate Earn Pan with Strawberry Milk Bag
Three types of packages

The new "Chocoaanpan Ichigo Milk Bag" is filled with refreshing strawberry milk chocolate, while the conventional "Chocoaanpan Chocoaanpan" is filled with chocolate that has a strong cocoa taste, providing a rich variety of enjoyment. There are three types of package designs.

Bourbon "Chocoa-anpan Ichigo Milk" box type
Box type will also be available