Limited quantity "Sapporo Sakura Beer"

From Sapporo Breweries, "Sapporo Sakura Beer" will be released in limited quantities on February 24, 2021. Two types, 350 ml cans and 500 ml cans. The price is open. Alcohol content is 5%.

"Sapporo Sakura Beer" to be released this time started production at the first beer factory in Kyushu, which was completed in 1913 by Teikoku Beer, which was founded in Kyushu in 1912, and was exported to various parts of Asia and became popular around the world. "Sakura Beer" is a beer that Sapporo Breweries brewers read the literature of the time and arranged it according to modern tastes.

On the package, you can see that it has the label at the time of its release and a modern arrangement. I am designing a copy of the explanation.

The factory (*) that manufactured "Sakura Beer" until around 1942 was inherited by Dainippon Beer, the predecessor of Sapporo Breweries, in 1943, and has continued the history of beer manufacturing for 87 years until 2000. It was.

* Completed in Moji-ku, Kitakyushu (formerly Moji-shi). Currently, as "Moji Red Brick Place", we continue to disseminate beer culture and history.