Kozosushi "Crab Tuna Battle"

The limited-time fair "Crab Tuna Battle" will be held on November 7th and 8th and November 14th and 15th at the take-out sushi restaurant "Kozosushi" (excluding some stores).

The "Crab Maguro Battle", which was very popular last year (2019), is a fair where nigiri sushi and donburi using seasonal ingredients "crab" and popular ingredients "tuna" will appear. "Tuna Sheng" (12 pieces 890 yen, tax not included, same below), "Crab Sheng" (12 pieces 990 yen), "Tuna Yamakake Don" (790 yen), "Crab Salmon Ikura Don" (790 yen) Will be lined up.

This year's menu is irresistible as it includes crab salmon warships and tomalley mayonnaise warships in addition to the main snow crab and red snow crab. In addition, "Crab Salmon Ikura Don" is a luxurious dish that includes crab miso mayo as well as popular ingredients such as snow crab, salmon and salmon.

In addition, the nigiri sushi "Maguromori" is a luxurious menu where you can enjoy various tuna such as Honmaguro Nakatoro, Yamakake Warship and Green Onion Tuna Warship. "Tuna Yamakake Don" is a combination of domestically produced tuna and potatoes, which are served with tuna and have a strong stickiness, strong taste and sweetness. It goes well with tuna, and the chopsticks are so delicious that they won't stop.