Collaboration bread "Neko Neko bread Ichigoto Milk"

From November 21st, the collaboration product "Neko Neko Bread Ichigoto Milk" will be on sale from the high-end bread specialty store "Neko Neko Bread". Available at stores in the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie) and the official online store "All Hearts Mall". The price is 780 yen per piece (excluding tax and over-the-counter price). The sale period is until December 31st.

■ Neko Neko Bread
It features a rich and milky dough that is prepared only with milk without using any water. Uses honey, cream and butter. The original sweetness of Hokkaido wheat and the soft, chewy texture. You can enjoy a slightly sweet and rich mouthfeel.

"Neko Neko Bread Ichigoto Milk" is a collaboration bread released to commemorate the 400th issue of "Monthly KELLY", a "Good Local Life" magazine in the Tokai region. It will be on sale from November 21st at online stores and stores in the Tokai area (Aichi, Gifu, Mie), and from December 1st at other stores.

Also, since the online store sells as a set with other flavors, the price will be different.