All Hearts Mall exclusive "Neko Neko Bread - Tomato and Basil".

Neko Neko Bread: Tomato and Basil" exclusively at All Hearts Mall

Neko Neko Bread Tomato and Basil" will be sold exclusively through the official online store "All Hearts Mall. It will be available from November 1 to November 30. The price is 3,360 yen (tax included). It includes 1 Neko Neko Bread Tomato and Basil, 1 Neko Neko Bread Plain, 2 chocolate pens, and a small Neko Neko House.

Nekoneko Bread Tomato and Basil

Nekoneko Bread Tomato and Basil, the first "Italinnyan" (Italian) vegetable flavor in the Nekoneko Bread lineup, is now available exclusively at the online store. The "Neko Neko Bread Tomato and Basil" is a cute little tortoiseshell cat with an image of the Italian flag, with green as the basil-flavored dough, white as plain dough, and red as tomato-flavored dough. Tomato powder is kneaded into the tomato-flavored dough and basil paste is kneaded into the basil-flavored dough before baking, giving the bread a slightly different taste as if you were eating Italian food.

It can be enjoyed as is or toasted, but we also recommend toasting it with cheese to take advantage of the Italian flavor of tomato and basil. The delicious flavor of tomatoes, the fresh aroma of basil, and the slightly sweet plain bread. This is the November limited flavor presented by Nekoneko Bread, which brings out the best of three different flavors.