Nekoneko Bread "Autumn Anko Lover Set" and "Autumn Nekoneko Set

The "Autumn Anko Lover Set" and "Autumn Cat Cat Set" will be available at the official online store, All Hearts Mall, from September 12 through September 30. Shipping method is frozen delivery, and the estimated time from order to delivery is 5 to 10 days.

Autumn Anko Lover Set

The set includes 1 Nekoneko Azuki and Maccha Danish, 1 Fat King's An Shokuban, 2 Grain Anpan, and 2 Walnut Anpan France. Price is 3,540 yen (including tax and shipping).

Nekoneko Bread "Autumn Anko Lover's Set

Autumn Nekoneko Set

1 Nekoneko Azuki and Maccha Danish, 1 Nekoneko Bread Koshi An (Koshi An), 1 Osatsuri France (half), 2 Apple Pies. Price: 3,550 yen (including tax and shipping).

Nekoneko Bread "Autumn Nekoneko Set

Nekoneko Azuki and Matcha Danish

The azuki azuki beans are rolled and baked with Danish pastry dough with a hint of green tea and the milky flavor of Nekoneko Bakupan pastry dough. Not only does it look cute, but you can also enjoy the texture of the azuki bean grains.

Nekoneko Bread "Nekoneko Azuki and Green Tea Danish

Fat King's An Bread

This bread has a moist, chewy texture and sweet red bean paste spread. It is delicious as is, but toasting it with butter on top is also recommended.

Nekoneko Bread "Fat King's An Shokuban" (Bread with red bean paste)

Nekoneko Bread - Koshi An (Sweet red bean paste)

Nekoneko bread baked with a moist and chewy dough made of 100% milk and filled with smooth red bean paste.

Cat cat bread - Koshi an (red bean paste)